Time in Between

There are apparent gaps in the narrative. In some places Vaush seems to confuse instances or repeats himself while providing a separate context. These irregularities, though rare, offer a platform for those that believe Vaush to be a fraud to operate from. I and several other scholars disagree however. Vaush is obviously presenting these biographical folios many years, perhaps even decades after their occurring. This alone is a substantial enough reason for the irregualrities that any doubts of their authenticity should be swept away.
It should be noted that a more detailed accounting of these two weeks was discovered. Tucked into the back of Vaush’s papers were three papers that had obviously been torn from another book. These apparently contain Robert’s notes on Vaush’s training during this period. Please see Appendix A.
~G.M. Frasier, Professor Emeritus, Queen’s University of Cadris

It was determined that we would leave for the highland stronghold of Glenfeld in two weeks time. Robert took pains in insure that I was appropriately outfitted. I was provided with a fine leather outfit; it was soft and supple. I wore it constantly from the day it arrived from the tailor. Robert showed me one of the armories that the House of Rush had. It was filled with dozens, even hundreds of weapons. Everything from sabers to lances, bows, crossbows and lances were in that room. But it was the knives and daggers that drew my eye.
Despite seeing others that I enticed me more, I was provided with a match pair of plain and functional daggers. I still have them in fact. Though I prefer a nice pair of Sahrleen curved daggers, these have a functionality; a bare bones kind that denotes the murderous purpose for which they were forged.
At any rate I was introduced to horsemanship as well; for which I acquitted myself well.
Before I knew it, the time had come and we left. Veronica said very little. Gail cried like a mother losing their child. Simon arrived at the highlander camp with an Uster Hound named Chester, who I immediately became fond of. The fact that Ruby convulsed at the sight of the dog. There was apparently some very bad blood between her and those hounds. It was a factor that I immediately became determined to seek out. My curiosity I think was one of the chief reasons that Robert and the Lord Rush found interesting in me; that and my seeming innate ability with the blade and my casual attitude towards the death of others.

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Time in Between

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