Subtle Betrayals

Many have noted that Vaush has presented a very dim view of his alleged mother, Veronica in the early folios. Considering the historical evidence Vaush’s view of Veronica may have been tainted by the angst that is felt by most youth. However, we may never know. There is very little evidence of her existence. There was a Veronica that was in residence during the time in question, but the records that have been recovered are less then complete. Vaush’s apparent malice and mistrust of his mother stems from her association with Robert and her residence within the Rush estates.
~G.M. Frasier, Professor Emeritus, Queen’s University, Cadris

The next two weeks were a blur of training. My ass was made numb atop a horse. While I find them useful and I have owned few that I was quite fond of; on the whole however they are dreadful beasts. They bite and shit to an excess. The species comes in two distinct breeds, the far to cunning and the abundantly stupid.
The lessons at the Locke estates continued and there was one memorable moment. At the time I found it beyond distracting to the point of being a prideful moment of pre-adolescent rebellion. As I have stated before, Veronica and the highland woman Ruby whom I believe was Amber’s mother or aunt or something. Ruby was married to Blaize, this I remember for sure. At any rate there was a layer of feminine hostility between Veronica and Ruby. It was a layer that would not be so easy to cut even with one of those great unwieldy highland claymores.
As we were leaving, being escorted by the Lord Locke and the na-baron, who was arriving but Ruby herself. Amber was there and to my surprise; Sara.
My mother’s shaw, the one that was “from a far off land” was remarked upon. Sara, much to her own credit announced that she had made it. Veronica was furious to be so exposed for the lying snob she was. I added insult to injury when I confirmed Sara’s claim and asserted that it was the very shaw that had been made by Sara, purchased by Robert and delivered by your’s truly. I watched as my mother’s complexion went from mother of peril to a barely contained hellish blush. She was fuming, though an inexperienced observer would never have known. We left there after. Veronica would not have spoken a word had I not broached the subject. I told my mother that perhaps an opportunity had been missed.
I was interested in traveling with the highlanders. Blaize’s offer was genuine. Veronica mistook it for an opportunity associate with Simon, whom she believed I had become fond of. In truth I was; but I was also not interested in letting Veronica know what or who I was fond of. Instead I informed her that he had the potential of being useful.
Later Robert and I spoke and he agreed.

* * *

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Subtle Betrayals

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