Interlude 1


Below is the only known painting of Vaush. He was between seven and eight years of age. Over the next several decades, Vaush made a concerted effort not to have his image rendered in any media. The exact reason for this is unclear. After the notorious affair in Covenhale, the only renditions that can be confirmed were wanted posters.
- G.M. Frasier Professor Emeritus, Queen’s University of Cadris

Vaush childThose times between the spaces of activity are often the hardest. They rest upon me in the most uncomfortable of ways. In those moments, hours or days of inactivity is when my most self destructive nature begins to take root. Wine and illicit motives worm their way in. In short when I get in trouble; it is usually the result of boredom.
It is neither mental nor physical boredom unto themselves that urges me towards illicit behavior, but rather the two in conjunction are simply intolerable.

* * *

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Interlude 1

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