Built on the outermost island of the Kharlathis Bay, it was originally a fortress to protect against the an unknown enemy. The fortress, and it remains quite formidable, remains however the city has grown into a great metropolis, though not as large as her sister city of Aranath.
This is the only city in the Empire where foreigners have free reign to wander as they will.

Places of Interest in and around the city:

A narrow strip of land north of the foreign quarter. It rests upon a slab of bedrock that extends out into the shallow surf behind the great break waters. This is where the lowest of Imperial citizens reside. Mostly there are lepers and the destitute. However there is a thriving mercantile culture among the refuse. Strange and bizarre items are often found in the rough and make shift markets.

Foreign Quarter:
Located at the base of the southern bedrock cliffs of the city, the foreign quarter is where all merchants make their port of entry. Because of the limited access to Imperial territory, this is where the cosmopolitan nature of the city can be most clearly seen.

Queen’s University:

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