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  • Vaush Papers

    These papers that were apparently discovered in a sea trunk that belonged to one Captain Roger Tremain’s grandfather now reside within the archives of the


    Beginnings…a prolog of sorts

    The following manuscripts were donated to Queens University of Cadris by Captain Roger Tremain several years after the subjects disappearance, where he is now but a

    Ides of Fortunate Content

    Ides of Fortunate Content

    While reviewing the body of work that has become known as The Vaush Papers several discrepancies have surfaced. In most …

  • The Key to Locke

    The Key to Locke

    Several possibilities have been put forward as candidates as to the identity of the individual to whom Vaush is writing. This seems to be a person of some note who holds sway over the author. Sir Armand …

  • Fangs for Robert

    In the years that Vaush writes about thus far the crown shows approximately 417 men with the first name of Robert living in or around the Hartwich township. This includes the nearby fortress of Harthold as well. In reference to the …

  • Nightfall Journeyer


    There is very little known of Vaush’s purported mother, Veronica. It is doubtful that this was her actual name, however this is the only name used throughout the

    Politics of Murder


    The ancient high speech of Imperial Aranaad has no linguistical relative with its neighbors. In fact the high speech of the Empire has no similarities with any of the Hurradric languages including Istania and Thryme which are the …

  • Seating Arrangements


    In many accounts Vaush has displayed the ability to function at almost any social level. He is reported to be equally comfortable at the Entian Court as among the wagons of the highlanders. Vaush could drink tea with the Empress of …

  • Interlude 1


    Below is the only known painting of Vaush. He was between seven and eight years of age. Over the next several decades, Vaush made a concerted effort not to have his image rendered in any media. The exact reason for this is unclear …

  • Subtle Betrayals

    Many have noted that Vaush has presented a very dim view of his alleged mother, Veronica in the early folios. Considering the historical evidence Vaush’s view of Veronica may have been tainted by the angst that is felt by most …

  • Time in Between

    There are apparent gaps in the narrative. In some places Vaush seems to confuse instances or repeats himself while providing a separate context. These irregularities, though rare, offer a platform for those that believe Vaush to be a fraud to operate …

  • Appendix A

    Robert’s Journal
    Subject: Vaush

    In two weeks he goes to the highlands. Fourteen days, it is all they gave me. Fourteen days to teach this boy of nearly seven years how to survive amongst some of the …

  • A Separate Locke

    When a man possesses the innocence of a child, we call him a fool. When a child possesses the cunning of a man, we call him an abomination. As with love, knowledge has its seasons. While I do not truly believe that young Vaush is an abomination I do …

  • Homecoming

    Vaushs affections for those early friends is well documented throughout his journals. What is less so; is just how aware Vaush was of his own deficiencies. Though scholars have often argued when Vaushs first kill occurred, there is no arguing the …

  • Blood Dimmed Tide

    There have been many entries in the Vaush Papers and the folios continue to be examined by my assistant. This one came to my attention, not so much because of the fantastic nature of the encounter, but rather the self awareness on the part of Vaush in …

  • Lines

    There is a foot note within this folio that indicates that Vaush put this part of his story to paper while passing a winter season in Ptolus. The exact date is not mentioned but a priest by the name of Kiriniklas sealed the document. I have sent a …

  • Parallax of Curses

    There is power in words. They are the medium by which we visit the past. Vaush’s words here conjure only a piece of the horror that was visited upon him and those few that he named as friends. Considering the accuracy with which he has thus far …