Stratum Brannigan

Son of Stuart Brannigan


Stratum is currently 7 years of age and the only child of Stuart Brannigan.

Stratum’s mother died when he was born. Since then he has been raised by the castle staff and the Lady Jennifer as a surragate mother. Though he recognizes that Sean and Hillary are not his siblings, he thinks of them as brother and sister.

Stratum is currently learning how to read and write, courtesy of his father and the Lady Jennifer. He is also starting to work in his father’s workshop taking apart mechanical clocks and other small machines.

Stratum enjoys the company of Persius. Along with his father, Necati is a constant in Stratum’s life.

He has rarely set foot out of Castle Locke, though he has explored some of the mining and various rooms of the castle.

Only recently has Stratum come in close contact with some of the local population. This would include the McPhersons, Simon, Vaush, and Malik.

Stratum Brannigan

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