Amber McPherson


Amber is the daughter of Blaise and Ruby McPherson, members of the highlander clan McPherson. They are horse wranglers by trade and acknowledged by most as some of the best in the business. This is true of both Blaise and Ruby, as well as, their daughter Amber who was born to the saddle, literally.

Almost seven years ago, the McPherson’s were bound for Hartwich to sell that season’s horses to the new Baron. It would also be a reunion of sorts, as Blaise and James Locke were distant cousins who in their youth had spent several summers together. Ruby was very interested in meeting the new Baroness, who was rumored to also be pregnant and close to giving birth. It would be a perfect bonding experience for the two women. Unfortunately, the long, hard journey from Glenfeld to Hartwich caused Ruby to go into early labor.

It was evident from the start Ruby’s labor wasn’t going to be an easy one. The only other two women on the trail with them had no experience assisting in a birth and this one seemed to be in a breach position. No one, most of all Blaise, knew what should be done. Thankfully, an old woman entered the camp and quickly took charge of the situation.

The birth was long and difficult, but ultimately successful for all. Amber was brought into the world with her first blurry view being that of a smiling stranger. When asked where the old woman had come from and what she was doing out amongst the open plains, the crone’s only answer was that the wind had blown her this way in search of certain herbs to be harvested. In the morning she was gone before any others had arisen. And try as they might, none were able to discover a trail to follow. It seemed as if the old woman had simply disappeared in the manner in which she arrived.

Once the McPherson’s were at castle Hartwich they learned that Malinda had also given birth to a baby boy, Simon. Like Amber’s, Simon’s birthing had been troubling and required assistance from the local midwife. It was with this piece of information the McPherson’s pieced together that the old woman on the plains was most likely Neriah.

Over the years Amber has been learning a great deal of the skills necessary for survival amongst the rolling hills and plains. She is capable of pitching a tent and setting a fire, as well as, skinning small game. And like her parents before her, Amber is an excellent rider. She is already able to direct a pony or small horse with her knees and knows most of the finer points of taking care of her mount. At nearly seven, she is also accomplished with a small bow and able to take down minor game at twenty-five yards. Growing up in a rather rough and tumble society, she possesses the skills to fight with her fists, elbows, knees, and teeth. Though this does not take the form of any formal training, one would find themselves in a pretty good scrap were they to try and lay hands on her.

Currently, Amber is being instructed in the art of the short sword by her mother. If she becomes half as capable as her mother, Amber will be a rather fierce opponent to face with a sword.

Amber McPherson

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