The Second Age of Hurradrum saw that memory can delve too deep into the future; the Infernals raged against the sanity of the mortal lands while the Gods themselves reached too deep into the outer rim of space and the Lost found madness…
The Third Age dawned with the coming of M’hath and his Folded Thought. They beat back the infernal hoards. The rough skinned Ork were pushed beyond the Deomerwall Mountains. But so many others escaped into the shadows… to be lost in memory.
Now the Age of Memory has begun. So many things to remember; so many things forgotten.

Imunarium Codex; by Kal Delunumar

This is a world that has seen an earth shattering apocalypse during the Second Age. Entire empires fell and whole races slid into the oblivion of extinction. The races of men barely survived to rebuild.

The world’s Golden age of peace, shattered by the Clockwork War now rests at the brink, tottering over the abyss. Something is moving. The Age of Memory has begun.

[[Season One: The Widening Gyre]] thus begins!

But they’re just kids!

Every hero, or for that matter, villian, has a life before they become their respective beacons of hope and despair… a foundation upon which the eventual champion of good or evil builds their skills and reputation upon. So like any common man, they too must claim a childhood. As such, some will boast a youthful history full of innocense, loving parents, and prosperous fortune. While others might only offer tales of woe and sadness, hardship, and strife. Most will recognize somewhere in between as their personal truth. Yet, a fortunate, or unfortunate few will count themselves amongst the outliers.

The player characters of our current story are just such a group of extraordinary children. As a whole, they are in the beginnings of their eighth year and reside in the western lands of Hurradrum. On the face of it, they have little in common, though fate has conspired to bring them together that they might discover a greater truth about themselves and the world they live in. Their backgrounds are a hodge-podge of society. They range from the sheltered, but emotionally damaged son of the local baron to the fearless bastard of a high-class whore… a magically / musically talented daughter of a ruined fisherman to a rough and tough riding young maiden of the highland tribes… and a mysterious, flamboyant painter’s son who’s opposite is found in the inventive boy of a powerful mage. Then there is the foreign child from the far desert lands, who’s recently become possessed by a most terrible spirit. And finally, there is the orphaned child of the forest, cursed to live his life apart from the constructs of man.

As for whom shall become hero or villian, that remains to be seen. There is much to be decided and the characters are still in their formative years. Their understanding of the world and their parts to play in its future continues to grow. For now, they are relatively safe from the whims of fate and fortune… but that too shall change.

So, dear reader, if you should wish to learn more about the exploits of our character’s to date, please proceed to the Adventure Log and the Folios found under the player character Vaush. With much thanks in advance, I bow to you and yours. Happy reading!

To One and All Artists…

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