Game Time Quotes

“I can’t help it if you don’t know how to handle your meat.”
Simon Locke, after Bran dropped his meal into the grass and Chester ate it.

“She knows that she wants to stay connected to her body. That’s important.”
Sherri, as Sarah goes astral.

Scott: You and your army are being decimated. Stones hold power.
Ron: Didn’t think my army would fit."
Nicole: It’s no longer an army; it’s a club.

“I won’t talk about your non-moving trees, if you don’t talk about my two legged pig.”
Amber’s quiet cousin to Vaush.

“You can’t throw a rock around here without hitting one of your cousins.”
Vaush to Amber

Simon: “Why is it so damp down here?”
Vaush: “We are under the Locke, not the man, the water.”

After some creative use of what was on the table to mark who was in what position…
Vaush when he returned from the battlefield: “I have brought back the crusty cheerio.”

The cooking staff at Castle Hartwich
“The mage has the gruel!”

GM: He (Lord Rush) is a manifestation of nature.
Simon: What, the funky evil part?

GM: The two most dangerous ones down there are Robert and Sarah.
Sherri: I am not dangerous; just to demons. I take exception to them.

Tristan to GM: You’re making my simulated life difficult.

Game Time Quotes

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