Tag: Organization


  • Long Riders

    Tied to the [[Courier’s Guild]], long riders are a multi national courier service sanctioned by most of the prominent countries and city-states of Hurradrum. No one country holds the reins of administration, as it is self-regulated and draws operatives …

  • Courier’s Guild

    The Courier's Guild is a loose association of organizations that provide communication services. The guild is run by a series of Guild Masters which forms the Courier Court. They are used to assign responsibilities and negotiate prices. These are …

  • Order of the Golden Chalice

    This order is centered in [[Othea]] and is most likely a branch of the [[Deeping Delv]] that broke away near the end of the Second Age. Members of the cabal are often tapped by royal families to serve as Court Mages.

  • Guild of Night and Shadows

    "It is a myth..." That is what most would say if asked. Most do not believe that the Guild of Night & Shadows truly exists. An urban legend meant to scare the gullible.!(media-item-align-right)http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/87696/ …