Tag: Cabal


  • Deeping Delv

    One of the darker cabals, the Deeping Delv is sometimes blamed for rise of the many dark powers that contributed to the horrors of the Second Age. They are very secretive and many do not believe that they still exist, thinking that M’hath successfully …

  • Order of the Golden Chalice

    This order is centered in [[Othea]] and is most likely a branch of the [[Deeping Delv]] that broke away near the end of the Second Age. Members of the cabal are often tapped by royal families to serve as Court Mages.

  • Order of the Dragon

    A far ranging guild of mages, wizards and sorcerers. Led by the enigmatic [[:rorin-sur | Rorin Sur]]; they are devoted to the acquisition of knowledge. They are especially interested in knowledge and artifacts that predate the Second Age.