Spheres of Tymora

A small glass sphere of swirling blue and white


One marble placed in the mouth allows the following:

A small sphere of air forms at the mouth of the recipient. This will last up to ten minutes per charge. The number of charges per marble is unknown except to the maker. The oxygen available is equal to that found in the water. Any water that is depleated of free oxygen will not allow this function of the marble to work.

The other attribute of the marble is that it gives the user twice the amount of swimming speed and half the encumberance.


These are also known as the Tears of Tymora. Although rare, sailors believe that these items will allow a person to swim faster than a dolphin and breath underwater for the time it takes a whale to swim to the bottom of the ocean and back.

Three of these are currently in the possession of Quail as part of his reward for making it through the Vault of the Elements.

Spheres of Tymora

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