Source of Magic


Mana is the element that was hurled into Hurradrum’s atmosphere by Tymora and is responsible for the population’s ability to create, form and cast magic. Upon its arrival most of the element, which is liquid at room temperature, turned into a gas and permeated the atmosphere. The core of the meteor which impacted Hurradrum, creating the Horradrus Sea remained in its natural quick silver state.

Sorcerers that elect to work with the volatile element do so at great risk. Its primal nature makes it extremely dangerous in many unexpected ways. Thus only the most experienced or foolish of sorcerers attempt to make use of the element to expand their magical abilities.

The heaviest concentration of Mana is in the mountains near Vol-Sahrleen where the population jealously guard the secret mines. These mines only produce a few ounces of the element per year, making it outrageously expensive and only available to the most powerful of wizards.


Mana came to Hurradrum in the earliest times of the First Age when Hykate’ hurled a meteor at her brother Bek. She missed and the meteor impacted upon their planet of Hurradrum. The material bonded with the atmosphere as a gas, while the dense core of the meteor made up almost entirely of the element impacted near the center of the great continent.

It is now mined by the population of Vol-Sahrleen. The majority of the element that is mined is used by the sorcerers of the Vol-Sahrleen, but a small portion is sold to other sorcerers at an exorbitant cost.


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