Logan's Love

Flute belonging to Logan the Minstrel

musical instrument

This flute, made in the fashion of an eight hole recorder, first looks to be carved from wood. Upon further inspection, one discovers the flute is actually made out of bone. As to what type of bone is a matter of debate. Regardless of its source, patina and general wear makes it obvious that the flute is quite old. Across the surface are a number of carvings resembling flowing vines and runic symbols.

The flute’s current case is of hard leather, light brown in color, and lined with rabbit fur. There are no markings to distiquish it as anything more than a leather tube. The cap possesses wooden threads to help seal and protect the instrument from the elements.

Known as Logan’s Love, the recorder is said to have belonged to Logan the Minstrel. Logan was a traveling minstrel of considerable notariety. His fame is recognized throughout most of central and western Hurradrum where he is said to have performed many musical mysteries. The flute is only one of several known instruments played by the minstrel, but it is the one he seemed most devoted to throughout his life and in his final years.

Most historians claim the instrument to be crafted from the leg bone of a large animal or possibly whale bone. A few offer up the idea that the flute was carved from the horn of a mythical beast. One story even goes so far as to say it was made with Logan’s very own leg. This last theory is generally disregarded as it is widely understood that Logan usually traveled Hurradrum on his own two feet playing said instrument. The counter argument is that “Logan’s Love” is not the same flute as played by the Minstrel, but one carved from his leg bone after his death.

What is recognized by most historians is that upon Logan’s death, estimated at the most venerable age of 137, he was found without his beloved instrument. None could say where it had gone, and none has seen it since Logan’s passing some 200 years ago. Many fakes have materialized over the years, but none have ever proven their worth under strict scrutiny.

Logan's Love

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