Mother to Vaush, Lady of Eve


Veronica is one of the many ladies that work at The Pleasure Palace of Eve. She is a stunning beauty of 22 years. Standing 5’8" with blond hair and blue eyes, Veronica is very delecate of feature and possesses fine porceline skin. She is also very vibrant in her personality with a tremendous talent for the piano and voice. Veronica is a highly sought after companion who caters only to the most important clients of the house.

It is only the past month that Veronica has taken to giving piano lessons to the son of the Baron, Master Simon Locke. On these weekly occasions, Veronica is sure to bring her son Vaush along. Both mother and son are always dressed in their finest attire (clothes that has been especially tailored for Vaush). It has not gone unnoticed by many in the castle that the Baron makes his pressence known each time Veronica comes to the castle.

Recent events have brought Sarah and her family to the Rush Estates. Part of the arraingement for Sarah being there is that she is to take piano lessons from Veronica. So far the two have been meeting in the mornings from 10:00 to noon. Though Sarah anticipated some difficulties from Veronica due to their earlier run in at the Baron’s castle, everything has been going smoothly.


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