Timothy O'Sullivan


This exile from the north currently lives on the outskirts of Glenfeld. He mainly acts as a go-between for the northern territories of Anglandia and Castle Locke. As of this writing, he is the only O’Sullivan in the territory. He shows up at the Highland Games every year. His presence is fairly tolerated by the locals as he has proven himself to be a fair and impartial individual, with no clear clan ties. As a result, he is often asked to officiate certain events.

O’Sullivan is also recognized as an expert storyteller. Drunk or sober, the man can spin a yarn like few others. He is particularly fond of the older tales and requires little encouragement to bring them forth.

Most recently (year 7 of game time), O’Sullivan was the victor for King of the Hill at the Highland games. His success was largely due to the unplanned hostilities that broke out between clans McAlister and McPherson. The event needed to be halted early before true bloodshed began. As a result, O’Sullivan was the only man standing upon the recognized hill, thus he was declaired the victor by Lord Spencer Locke. As no one was able to refute his claim, O’Sullivan claimed the prize and became a rallying cry for the end of the games.

O’Sullivan originally came to the Glenfeld highlands with his younger sister, Holly. She met Cameron Fraiser, the youngest brother to Ruby McPherson, and the two fell in love. They were secretly married, but their bliss was tragically cut short when she broke her neck after being thrown from a horse.

Timothy O’Sullivan lives on the edge of a nearby tarn with his wife and two young twin sons.

Wife: Heather (O’Leary)
Sons: Sean and Marcus

Timothy O'Sullivan

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