The Watch

The Watch of Hartwich


The Watch of Hartwich is comprised of roughly one-hundred men. There are three units of 30 with a watch commander and a support staff of six. At any given time there are 30 men on watch within the city of Hartwich. A day and night shift stand watch for twelve hours each, 6am – 6pm and 6pm to 6am. A third group of 30 is split between the day and night as relief to make sure no one man works more than two days in a row.

Persons of note include the following:

Watch Commander Marcus Richardson (Old friend to John the blacksmith and mentor to Quail)
Footman Lawrence (Larry): Day shift at Post 5, nearest to Sarah’s shop, Survived Dockside Demon
Footman Mortimer (Moe): Night shift at Post 5, Survived Dockside Demon
Footman Charles (Curls): Killed by Dockside Demon outside of Blacksmith Shop
Footman Shepard (Shep): Day shift,
Footman Thomas (Tom) Killed by Dockside Demon
Footman Crowley (Ol’Crow) Killed by Dockside Demon
Footman Dirk: Night shift, Survived Dockside Demon
Footman Richards: Killed by Dockside Demon
Footman Johns (Jaxs): Killed by Dockside Demon


The Watch

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