Stuart Brannigan

Mage of Castle Locke


Stuart Brannigan, early 40’s, is the mage in residence at Castle Locke. This has been the case for near on 15 years when he first arrived in a flying Promethian. Since that time, Brannigan has served as a trusted advisor to the Locke family. This includes the late father Lord William Locke, the now Baron James Locke of Hartwich, and the current Lord Spencer Locke.

When James Locke was given the barony of Hartwich, Brannigan was offered the option to come along. Brannigan decided to stay behind, stating that he did not wish to abandon the great many artifacts he had obtained and the “experiments” currently in work. In truth, he did not wish the greater scrutiny that would come with living in a large city or the loss of the minimal mana to be found in the local mines. He also wished to continue serving the young James Locke as a seasoned voice of reason.

Stuart Brannigan also has a son, Stratum. Stratum’s mother died in childbirth and ever since he’s been raised by nursemaids and the Lady Jennifer. At this time, Stratum is the same age as the rest of our player characters.

Brannigan has a cat, a grey tabby, named Percius who is his constant companion. Though Percius has been around for many years, he seems to be only two or three years of age. Brannigan can often be found talking to his cat, as well as, the mysterious Necati Kahraman.

It should be noted that Brannigan is somewhat of a flirt and a lady’s man. Few members of the opposite sex are below his attention, but he never steps over the boundries of marriage. Women who are not married are fair game in his eyes… though he has no real desire for any lasting relationship himself.

Aside from having the use of magic, Brannigan is an accomplished swordsman. His weapon of choice is the foil or rapier. Either weapon is little known in the highlands, but is quite dangerous in his hands. He is currently teaching the Lady Jennifer how to use the foil.

Stuart Brannigan

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