Simon Locke

Na-Baron to the house of Locke


The Chronicles of Lord Simon Locke


I have reluctantly been pressed to provide an accounting of my life. I say reluctantly not because I am ashamed of my life- I am not. It’s just that I do not find my life that remarkable that it needs to be chronicled. I am neither an overly modest man, nor am I a vain one but I find it curious that others would attributed such interest to the life I’ve lived. Perhaps, because it is precisely that- it is my life, that I find it unremarkable. After all, does anyone find their life remarkable? It’s just their life and in its’ living are a string of events that make up that life. While living that life we have no context, nothing to compare it against- it’s just our life. It’s only with the perspective of time and experiences that we can compare that life with others’ and see the differences. Even with the benefit of both time and experiences, I find my life nothing extraordinary. However, there are those who would oppose my assessment of my life. One such individual is G.M. Fraser, Professor Emeritus, Queen’s University of Cadris and he has secured my liege, King Harold IV of Entia, as his ally in this opposition. Thus, at my liege’s request, though in truth his command, I put quill to paper.

It is not an easy thing to put one’s life into words; to commit to paper, for all eternity, the events of one’s life for all the World to read. I say this not out of a fear of others finding that life wanting but fear of assaulting the Readers’ eyes. I have not the skill with words that others, more talented writers are gifted. I pray the Reader’s will take pity on my meager offerings and see them for what they are- the honest labors of a warrior and not those of poet.

An earlier, worthy attempt was made at putting my life to paper. However, as I was told, the author’s efforts were severely hampered by lack of source material. What was put to paper is quite good and I will use it. I was not told the author’s name but I of course will acknowledge the unknown author’s work whenever used.

Folio #1 A Noble Start

My own offerings…

The story of my life begins as all stories begin, at the beginning…
Folio #2 Seeds of Memory
Those halcyon times were to be tragically shattered by a horrifying event. An event, whose effects would alter the course of my life; eventually, it would place a wedge between my father and me. A wedged that would forever strain our relationship and many times, over the years, threaten to shatter it.

Folio #3 City of My Youth
Folio #4 Let Slip the Dogs of Fate?

Simon Locke

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