Ruby McPherson

Wife of Blaise McPherson and mother of Amber


Ruby McPherson is the wife of Highlander clan leader Blaise McPherson. Raised in a male dominated society, Ruby does not fit the typical mold of housewife. She is a strong willed individual who backs up her words with a swift sword arm and an accurate bow. Though unable to match most combatants strength for strength, she more than makes up for it in speed, agility, and dogged determination. All traits she picked up from living in a motherless household with three older brothers.

Ruby has lived all her years wrangling horses amongst the highland plains. She is a superior rider and has an excellent eye for horseflesh. Though most Highlanders, including women, have a familiarity with the bow, Ruby is an exceptional archer amongst her people. She is able to hit the smallest of targets, both stationary and mobile from a distance of 50 yards. Her deadly use of the short sword is also recognized among the clans and most men give her grudging respect beyond being that of clan leader’s wife.

It is Blaise McPherson who managed to capture Ruby’s heart. This was most likely achieved by the fact that Blaise was willing to accept her wild spirit and see her as an equal rather than just a woman to be subjugated. Blaise has taken some grief over the years for not putting Ruby in her “proper place,” but he has always met these challenges by telling those who voice such an opinion to try doing it themselves. Those few that have attempted it have met only with humiliation and shame for their efforts.

Though the pair has tried for many years to have more children, Ruby’s only offspring is Amber. Ruby intends to teach Amber all the skills she has acquired to guarantee a like independence for her daughter. Thus far, she has been quite successful.

Ruby McPherson

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