Enforcer at the Pleasure Palace of Eve


Robert: House Enforcer… a cultured gentleman in his 30’s who is extremely dangerous with knifes. He is always well dressed and wears soft leather shoes whenever he is in the house. Has the extreme talent of moving silently.

Robert is of average height 5’11’, 180lb, well muscled but not overly so. About 30 years of age. Dark brown, well kept hair of neck length and clean shaven. Hazel eyes, sharp features, no visible scars except some old ones at the back of his hands. He is always well dressed and clean, but not to the point of being a flop. He wears soft leather boots when out of house and soft leather shoes while in house. For the most part Robert is nondescript and that is how he likes it. He is also a soft spoken individual who none can report to of heard yell.

As Sarah has recently discovered, Robert is very well versed in the the various objects that decorate the house and gardens. He is able to go into great detail about any given object, giving its maker, full history, and cultural significance. If anything can be said about Robert, it is that he is quite “house proud.” Though he will readily admit that all of these items belong to his Lord Rush.




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