Child of the Forest


Peregrine is the child who discovers, and eventually befriends, Quail when he enters the ancient forest realm of Mother.

Peregrine is fair of skin, wearing a tangled mass of dirty blond hair that falls across her shoulders. Covering her sparse frame is a green shift that comes to her knees. Her feet are bare and filthy. Her one outstanding feature is an animal skull strapped to the side of her head. It is difficult to tell exactly what animal it once was, only that it was once dangerous in life. If one where to look closely, she has slightly pointed ears. Peregrine has an innocent, child-like voice. Her left eye is a mixture of brown and green while the one on the right is a bright blue. In either case, there’s fire behind them.

Peregrine rarely answers direct questions with a direct answer. Spending any real time in her presence will bring a person to the understanding that they are dealing with something far more older than her outward appearance belies.


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