Ordin Krail

Oldest operating Long Rider


Ordin reached the age of 35 better then a decade ago and remains as an active Long Rider. His customers are select and is often sought by heads of state.

Ordin is recognized by other Long Riders as a leader, though he holds no real title in the organization other than Rider. This is because he has enough years and experience to warrant a captian’s commission. Then why not retire? In his own words, “It’s easy to avoid the shit piles on the open road, but they’re not so obvious once you step inside.”

His many years on the road and in the saddle have given Ordin a hard exterior. He is rather gregarious and unwilling to take crap from anyone, no matter their social status. Ordin also knows just how far he can push with the power of the Long Rider’s at his back. Those that would mistake his slight stature of 5’4" for a weakness to be exploited, often find they have bitten off more than they can chew.

Ordin possesses many strengths. He is an exceptional rider and a quality swordsman. He is also quite deadly with a bow, short or long. But what has seen him through more than one tough spot is his gritty determination. “Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’. Whatever you choose, just get it done. And it better be done right the first time.”

Ordin Krail

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