The Witch of Hartwich, The Old Lady, Crone of the Crossroads, The Healer, The Midwife


Neriah is known by a great many names within the city of Hartwich. Depending upon one’s experience, or lack there of, one might refer to her as The Witch, The Crone of the Crossroads, or as The Healer. She also has a rather strong reputation as an excellent midwife, saving many a mother and baby where most believed neither would survive.

This elderly woman lives a rather secluded life outside of the city proper, near the crossroads of two lesser-used dirt roads. Her cottage is quite dilapidated and in need of much repair, but it’s just the way she likes it. Aside from the crossroads, Neriah’s home also stands at the entrance to the last remaining stand of old forest in any close proximity to Hartwich. And it is only because of her presence that the forest hasn’t been cleared for firewood or building material.

It is not uncommon for evening travelers upon the road to hear strange noises emanating from Neriah’s cottage and nearby forest. Most people generally stay clear. But it is not uncommon amongst children and drunks to dare others to attempt to trespass in the dark of night.

Neriah has a strong affinity with nature and is an excellent herbalist. It is not uncommon to see her talking with several birds from the forest, especially a large black bird known as Rook.


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