Necati Kahraman

Minister of Intelligence


Tall with black hair. He possesses the rugged good looks of a man who is far traveled and well educated. He speaks with a strange lilting accent that betrays his foreign origin. Necati typically dresses in deep black and is always to be found with a large ruby ring (its worth is nearly unimaginably, being roughly the size of a gold coin of the realm).


Heralding from the Empire of AranaadNecati Kahraman was once the Chief Spy in the service of the Royal House at the court of the King of Inskarp. Discovering treachery within his own court, Kahraman fled south at first but discovered he was being pursued by those that he could neither detect nor defeat. Changing direction he fled north.

It was at the boarder of Entia that he was nearly destroyed. It was only by the hand of Lord Spencer Locke that he survived. The dogs of Inskarp’s king were either killed or pushed away. The gravely injured Necati was transported to Locke’s castle and tended to.

During his recuperation the formidable Kahraman flushed out a Raviak spy. Ever since then Locke has provided Kahraman with shelter and protection. In return Kahraman has bent his considerable skill towards the protection of the Lord and his family who he now considers his personal charge. He works closely with Stuart Brannigan, with whom he is always consulting.

Kahraman has even gone so far as to study the threats that lay outside the immediacy of the Lord’s personal lands. In Hartwich he has discovered Robert and the Lord Rush. Having practiced his trade for nearly 50 years; Kahraman is cautious…

Over the years, Necati has produced one child, though none can say for sure that Natalia is his. Necati simply returned from a prolonged mysterious absence with the child. As Natalia is mute, those at the castle could only take his word that she was his rescued child from Arannad. There are several similarities between the two and so it has been generally accepted by those in the know.

Necati Kahraman

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