Lord Spencer Locke

Younger brother to Baron James Locke and current Lord of Locke Castle


Lord Spencer Locke is the slightly younger brother to James Locke. He became the Lord in residence when James was given the barony of Hartwich. The two brothers are on good terms but find it difficult to visit one another due to their respective responsibilities.

Of the two, Spencer is the superior swordsman, and in a one-on-one contest would most likely be the victor. He is fair and just to his subjects, but takes his responsibilies quite serious. He has an open door policy to all of the clans, even though some are at odds with one another.

Spencer relies heavily upon two advisors: Brannigan and Necati. Spencer also has a sympathetic ear for his wife Jennifer’s opinion.

Lord Spencer’s primary importance is to maintain Castle Locke and its tin mines for King Harold (to whom he is fiercely loyal). There is a standing garrison of two hundred men and an equal number of quality miners mostly comprised of highlanders. There are also a number of metal forges located within the castle. Blacksmiths turn out some of the highest quality steal from its foundries.

Spencer stands 5’10", just short of the average Highlander. His frame is slight in comparison to most, but is not without the muscle of a trained warrior. He also sports several scars from various wounds, none of which are visible in normal garb.

Spencer is fair of skin and has sandy brown hair. He prefers to be clean shaven and sparce in his adornment, rarely offering more than his ring to indicate his exhaulted position. He adores his wife and children, Sean and Hillary.

Lord Spencer Locke

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