Lord Reginald Smithe

Court Member of King Harold IV, Occasional Resident of the Rush Estates


Court member of King Harold IV, a Lord of means and diplomat to several neighboring countries. Lord Smithe has the ear of the king and is well respected by most. His wife is the Lady Samantha Smithe. Both were present at the Rush Estates the night that the Priests of Tymora attacked. Neither was injured. Both were also in attendance when Sarah performed at the piano and xylophone. The Smithe’s were very taken with Sarah’s ability and promised to let it be known in court.

Sarah was introduced to the Smithe’s through Robert. This is the first time that Sarah and her mother were given the last name of Wick.

(Sarah, summer of age 8)Smithe recently lost a ship to fire, caused by Robert, William, Vaush, and Brannigan while fighting several undead on the ship. William broke a lit lantern and Brannigan cast a rather sizable sticky-fireball. The ship was allowed to burn to the water line in the hopes that it would destroy the various undead that were on the ship.

Lord Reginald Smithe

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