Lady Jennifer Locke

Wife of Lord Spencer Locke


Wife of Lord Spencer Locke and mother to Sean Locke (2 years junior to Simon Locke) and Hillary Locke (3 years junior to Simon Locke). Jennifer and Spencer were married a few years after James took over the Barony of Hartwich. They are very devoted to each other and their children. Jennifer has also taken over the motherly position to Stuart Brannigan’s son, Stratum. She is old friends with Blaise and Ruby McPherson, as she grew up in the same general area of the highlands.

Jennifer has a very good head on her shoulders and is covertly recognized as one of Spencer’s primary advisors. She has a passing relationship with the short bow and courtesy of Brannigan’s teachings has a more than adequate grasp of the foil, a weapon little known in the highlands.

Lady Jennifer Locke

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