Baron James Locke

Baron of Hartwich


Baron James Locke has been the presiding authority over Hartwich for these past nine years. He gained the position through an arranged marriage to the only surviving daughter of the previous Baron, Simon Dearborn. Dearborn, his wife and only son perished at sea during an unexpected summer storm. This left the older daughter, Malinda, in a very precarious political position. One that King Harold IV was willing to exploit for his own political gain.

James Locke, a landed nobleman from the highlands to the east of Hartwich, had proven himself a firm supporter of the king during Harold’s ascension to the throne a few years earlier. Harold could now use a supporting figure in Hartwich. Especially in a city that was on the rise itself and could quite possibly become the new seat of Harold’s Monarchy. So Locke, who had yet to find a suitable bride, was more or less commanded to take the hand of Malinda and the barony of Hartwich.

In time, James and Malinda produce a son Simon Locke (named after Malinda’s deceased father). And on a whole, theirs was a fairly amicable relationship with James taking well to the seat of authority and Malinda submersing herself in the care of Simon. For five years all was well in the castle of Hartwich. Then a fatal accident involving several trained war-dogs led to the horrific mauling of Malinda.

A little over a year has passed since Malinda’s passing. In that time the castle has been a cold and sterile environment, affecting all that reside there with a like demeanor. Though this has begun to change with the arrival of the charming and extremely beautiful piano teacher, Veronica.

Baron James Locke

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