Hellen Witch of the Woods

Covenhale Witch, Protector of the Woods, Soul of the Hunt


The Witch of the Woods is a position currently held by the elderly sorceress, Hellen. Her title is one of no small consequence. It conveys the tremendous responsibility of proctecting the woods of all Hurradrum, either personally or by directing the Huntsman to whereever trouble may brew within its green confines. Given the immensity of this task, not every transgression against her charge gains the witch’s attention. However, that which does draw notice either falls under her twin blades or the horns of the Huntsman and his baleful otherworld hounds.

Hellen is widely known for her eccentric behavior that often puts her at odds with the governing triumvirte and the various noble houses of Covenhale. Equally, Hellen is known for her steely grey eyes, having stared down more than one would be challenger. Where eyes and reputation are not enough, Hellen wields a pair of exceptionally long and sharp daggers,“witches teeth.” She is not above using them to get her point across. Yet, few would willingly go so far as to cross blades with the Witch of the Woods. Despite all this, Hellen is well respected, if not for her talents, as fighter and sorceress, then for the position she holds.

The Witch of the Woods is rarely seen in Covenhale proper, living as she does on the true outskirts of the forested city. When not out performing her duties as protector, Hellen can sometimes be found resting within her stone cottage. Of recent, her home has begun to look more like a run down farm house of old with a dilapidate roof, overgrown front porch, and rickety wooden door for a main entrance. The interior smells of old dust and decay. One would think it deserted by its lack of color.

Those who wish audience with the Witch of the Woods must go through her faithful servant, Mandrake. Mandrake looks as old, run down and dilapidated as the house he serves. A two horse carriage of similar quality acts as his means of transportation. In this manner Mandrake will deliver those seeking Hellen to a roadside pair of guardian stone pillars (nothing more than staked piles of river rock). There, they will be directed to walk into the forest until such time has they discover Hellen’s home. Those attempting to find it one their own, without the assistance of Mandrake, will find their efforts fruitless.

Hellen’s other faithful companion is her enormous oversized dog, Slahtr. Rarely is Hellen seen without Slahtr at her side. This often causes quite a bit of turmoil for the other witches of Covenhale, many who have cats as familiars. In most appearances, Slahtr resembles a course, black haired mastiff. On closer inspection, he has far too many sharp teeth set into an elongated snout. Furthermore, his front paws unfold into four fingers and a functioning thumb. Slahtr’s eyes shine a sickly yellow, while his breath smells of decay and his fur reeks of a wild animal’s foulest den.

Hellen Witch of the Woods

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