G.M. Fraser

Author and Biographer


A tall lean man with with facial hair. Considered good looking he is quite dashing when dressed in his Royal Dragoons uniform. Known for his even temper and kindly nature, he is well loved by his students at the Queen’s University of Cadris.


Born in Othea, his family moved early on to Uster where he received his earliest education. Upon the age of majority he returned to Othea. He was instrumental in unraveling the mystery of the Penigal Stone where in several people perished. In the following years he gained a reputation for solving mysteries. In time he returned Othea and joined the army and was assigned to the Royal Dragoons. It was noted that he had two pronounced talents. These were horsemanship and languages. In the Kark War that followed he was awarded the Amber Tree for Valor at the battle of Tinindall. He demonstrated tremendous courage when his mount was killed and he pressed on and eventually saved the crowned prince of Uster. Unfortunately his wounds were so extensive that they signaled the end of his military career.
A friend brought him to Cadris where he spent his time idly taking courses at the University of Cadris. He wrote him memoirs which were inducted into the University Library. Eventually he was awarded a professorship. Seven years later he and a college were presented the with the Vaush Papers which they translated from their original language into the Anglish.

G.M. Fraser

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