Gilleathain Glenfeld, Chieftain

Thain of Glenfeld, Clan Glenfeld Chieftain


Glenfeld, town and land, derives its moniker from Clan Glenfeld. The Glenfelds are one of the oldest names to reside in the highlands, and one that stands prominent amongst the clans. They can trace their history back to the times of the Ork Occupation of Anglandia. The tower keep is still manned by the Glenfelds, with Chieftain Gilleathain Glenfeld the current clan leader and Thane of Glenfeld. He is responsible for maintaining the peace and upholding king’s law within and around town Glenfeld. This includes the collection of taxes, overseeing the harvest and transport of forest timber, and maintaining the vast herds of cattle, sheep, and horses that roam the highlands.

Gilleathain is related to the Locke family by a shared great, great grandfather. The Lockes actually come from Clan Glenfeld and are on good terms with the current Thain, working hand-in-hand to maintain a peace and prosperity within the Highlands.


Gilleathain Glenfeld, Chieftain

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