Blaise McPherson

Father of Amber; Horse Wrangler and Trader of the McPherson Clan


A loud and gregarious man, Blaise is your typical highlander. He is quick with an insult and a hardy laugh that says it doesn’t mean anything. Blaise is a loyal friend to those who have earned his trust, and a dangerous enemy to those who have done him wrong.

Like many highlanders, Blaise uses a massive two-handed claymore when in combat. He is equally lethal with the great longbow he carries. A bow that few others can pull with equal effectiveness, which is a testament to the strength found in is arms, back, and shoulders. But where Blaise is most dangerous is in his fists. Akin to two massive knots of hardened oak, the man can take and deliver a blow like few others. To be hit by Blaise is like having a tree landed upon one’s head. As such, several broken jaws and ribs have been left in his wake.

Blaise is the current clan leader of the McPherson’s. This is due to the not so recent death of his father and having no older brothers. Blaise is also fairly well respected among the other clans, even though he has an unconventional wife (Ruby) and daughter (Amber). He has always defended his wife’s status as equals by letting her fight her own battles. This has left more than one challenger limping away in shame and acceptance of Blaise’s position on the matter. Or, as Blaise once put it, “Are ya challengin’ me? Or her? ‘Cause if’n it be me, than we can take this outside and settle it like men. But if’n it be her, I’ll be sure to dig the hole deep for what remains of yer bones when she be done wich’ ye.”

Unlike many members of the clan who make a living in lumber, Blaise and his immediate family are horse and cattle wranglers. They spend the majority of the spring, summer, and fall months out in the plains amongst the herds. During the winter, the family takes up residence just outside of Glenfeld. This is at the ancetral compound shared with his surviving mother and Ruby’s three older brothers and families.

Blaise McPherson

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