Long Rider


Blade is a veteran Long Rider who is quick with an edged weapon, especially knifes. He is often tapped for hand-to-hand fighting. He is not above dirty tactics learned from living on the streets as a young tough. Blade comes from the northern territories of Anglandia, where he has made several trips delivering messages for various clients.

Blade looks to be in his early 20’s and is rather concerned with security. He always needs to know where the exits are and who is in the general area. He never sits with his back to the door or window. Nor does he care much for strangers. Trust does not come easy for Blade, but once you gain it he’ll jump through fire to help a friend.

Blade also keeps an old dog at Rider’s Roost. By anyone’s standard it is a mutt who’s seen better days. Why he named it Brick is anyone’s guess. Perhaps it’s for the rather large dumps the dog is known to leave out in the yard, as Blade is often heard to say, “Gotta let the dog out to drop another brick load.” Brick seems to be rather fond of Ordin, and vice-versa, though one would never guess from the way the old Rider talks to the dog.


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