Lord Bartholomue Rush

Lord of The Pleasure Palace of Eve


The Lord Rush is most certainly an enigma. The family name has been part of Hartwich society for as long as any locals can remember. But none can recall exactly how or when it came to such prominence. What is even more vexing is the extreme wealth and property connected to the name. This is particularly true for the local authority, Baron Locke, whose wealth and holdings seem to pale in comparison.

If one were to offer a single word to describe Lord Rush’s general appearance, it would have tobe flamboyant. His dress is always of the highest caliber, representing the pinnacle of current court fashion. He is never to be outdone, no matter the occasion. This commitment to fashion often seems ridiculous to the casual observer, but none would dare comment to the negative in his presence… or for that matter, out of it.

This is not to say that Rush should be considered an ineffectual flop. In truth, he is a cold, calculating individual who has yet to meet his match in any social setting. Those who know the man beneath the mask understand they are dealing with the most dangerous of all creatures. And if one needs reminding, there is certainly no lack of rumors speaking to the untimely demise of those who did not see eye-to-eye with Lord Rush.
Barthalamue rushRush

Lord Bartholomue Rush

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