The Stage is Set


Abc o 1 00000
p. The curtain has been raised upon the fourth age and the scene is found wanting. Far too much of the script has been forgotten. What few promising players exist, stumble through lines without any clear purpose or direction. And those in the audience have begun to wonder the point in watching, or if there is any point at all to what has steadily become a stagnated spectacle. A few spectators have even come to question if perhaps it isn’t time to depart the theatre entirely, letting the play reach its own sad, silent end.

Thankfully, there are others who still seek to breathe life back into these pitiful performers, whispering encouragement and guidance from beyond center stage. For perchance, there is one great story remaining to be told… one more perfect performance to be played…one last truth to be touched upon. Thus, for what could be the final act, there enters upon the stage a new company of actors. And with them, the promise of salvation or damnation… life or death… eternal light or endless night.

For now, the spectacle continues.



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